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Pintu Featured Product Recommendations

Mobile phone lens detectionHigh precision/high stability automation

Shooting a combination of multiple light sources at one time improves camera utilization and reduces

Efficient and safe
Function upgrade
Quality Control
Flexible expansion

Mobile phone optic detectionSecondary optics, ray tracing

High-efficiency light source, no stray light, clearer imaging.

High-efficiency light
HD picture
To raise efficiency
Clearer without stray light

Vehicle mounted lens detectionPrecise light distribution

More precise, high precision, making more flexible.

Efficient integration
Function upgrade
Strong compatibility
Easy to expand

Car mounted lens inspectionMake decisions thousands of miles away

Independent intellectual property rights, unique.

Multiple cascade
Function upgrade
Flexible expansion
Precise light distribution

Heat sink chip detectionIntelligent image acquisition

High-precision/high-stability automation design.

Unique lighting
Efficient and safe
Function upgrade
Efficient and stable

Ceramic substrate testingA new era of audiovisual

The CNN network finds the true defect from the defect area and outputs the defect location and information.

Exquisite HD
Real-time high-speed
Accurate locating
In-depth inspection

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AI smart manufacturing

Appearance defect detection


Since 2017· AI smart manufacturing winner

Founded by the team of the Hong Kong Institute of Applied Science and Technology (ASTRI) in November 2017, Preview is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, production, sales, and service. It has bec…

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Shenzhen Full Touch Exhibition 2019

Technical indicators of surface defect analyzer 2021-06-08

Technical indicators of surface defect analyzer

Shenzhen Full Touch Exhibition 2019 2021-06-08

Shenzhen Full Touch Exhibition 2019

Core technologies

Core technologies 2021-06-08

Core technologies