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1. Automation mechanical design engineer/mechanical assistant engineer (2 persons)

Description of job:

    Responsible for the mechanical/automation design of optical inspection equipment

According to the requirements of project development, develop and design new mechanical equipment and components and parts

     Cooperate with the electronic control engineer to complete the mechanism configuration of the whole set of equipment, and lead the assembly and debugging of the equipment mechanism to solve the problems encountered

Job Requirements:

Bachelor degree or above, 1-3 years of mechanical design experience in machinery/machine equipment

     Can independently complete the design concept and plan drawing of non-standard machinery

     Be able to compile technical documents and drawing lists (machined parts, standard parts BOM), draw product category drawings and parts drawings

     Familiar with mechanical principles, transmission types and their advantages and disadvantages, understand mechanical processing technology, be familiar with pneumatic control methods and principles, and be able to draw equipment pneumatic system diagrams, and be proficient in using AutoCAD, Solidwork, ProE and other drawing software

     Can assist in the completion of related debugging, and finally meet the technical requirements of the project contract, which is recognized by the company and customers

     Experience in successful cases of automation equipment design, manufacturing and debugging is preferred

     Experience in mechanical design and assembly of precision machine tools is preferred

2. Optical design/lighting design engineer (2 persons)

Description of job:

Responsible for the design of imaging optical system (such as projection lens, camera lens), and the design of illumination optical system;

     Propose an optical design plan according to the requirements of the system (optical testing instrument)

     Responsible for the assembly and adjustment of the optical system and instruct the workers to assemble

Job Requirements:

Bachelor or master degree (undergraduate major in optical instrument or optical engineering, master degree in the same major or other related majors), 2 to 3 years of optical-related experience, fresh graduates can also be considered.

     Requires proficiency in using at least one optical design software (Zemax or CodeV) to independently design complex optical systems.

     Familiar with the principle of lighting system, especially the lighting system related to machine vision.

     Familiar with the principle of automated optical inspection, and relevant experience is preferred

3. Electronic Design Engineer/Electronic Assistant Engineer

Description of job:

Responsible for the hardware drive circuit design of optical inspection equipment and LED light source drive circuit design;

     According to the requirements of project development, conduct PCB design, layout, and board testing;

     Embedded system development and firmware programming

Job Requirements:

Bachelor's degree or master's degree, 3~5 years or above experience in electronic engineering.

     2 to 3 years of experience in image display system hardware development, multimedia embedded system hardware/firmware design.

     MCU programming experience (C/assembly language)

     Use PCB design/layout CAD tool (Altium designer)

     Rich experience and knowledge of FPGA

     Proficient in MATLAB, C/C++ and real-time computer systems

     Familiar with time domain and frequency domain instruments, such as oscilloscope, dynamic signal analyzer, modal analysis, laser sensor, accelerometer, etc.

     Experience in industrial smart camera development is preferred

4. Software Engineer

Description of job:

Carrying out high-quality software development, including:

     Industrial image acquisition and storage

     Industrial algorithm integration and debugging

     User interface development, report interface development

     Testing and bug fixes

     Write software documentation

     Internal tool design

Job Requirements:

Undergraduate software related majors (computer, software engineering, electronics, communications, information management, mathematics, physics, automation, etc.)

     Science and engineering majors are preferred) or equivalent qualifications

     2~3 years of software development experience, familiar with OpenCV, vtk and other visual libraries, excellent fresh graduates also consider

     Familiar with mainstream programming languages, such as C/C++, C#, VB, etc.

     Familiar with mainstream GUI frameworks, such as QT, WPF, etc.

     Good coding standards, familiar with Git code management tools

5. Algorithm Engineer

Description of job:

Carry out the development and design of the following algorithms:

     Industrial machine vision algorithm development, machine learning algorithm, such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, etc.

     Parallel acceleration implementation of the algorithm using GPU

     Develop corresponding algorithms for customer needs

Job Requirements:

Key undergraduate (211/985) computer-related majors (computer, software engineering, electronics, communications, information management, mathematics,

     Statistics, physics and other science and engineering majors are preferred) or equivalent qualifications, 2~3 years of computer vision related algorithm development experience

     Familiar with C++ programming, more than one scripting language

     Understand the principles of machine learning/deep learning

     Understand CUDA/OPENCL/MPI/OpenCV

     Understand geometry and graphics and image processing related knowledge

6. Technical Support Engineer

Description of job:

Commissioning, testing, installation and maintenance of new equipment

     Assist the team to collect data, test and adjust parameters

     Maintenance and repair of equipment

     Technical support by the resident customer representative and follow up on customer issues

Job Requirements:

College degree or above / technical secondary school degree or above 3 years engineering experience

     Electronics, computer, automation, software, electromechanical and other related majors

     Study the spirit and be willing to accept new things and new technologies

     Team spirit, teamwork, good communication and expression skills

     Strong sense of service, able to accept business trips, good stress resistance, no bad habits

     Good English ability is a plus

7. Sales Supervisor

Description of job:

Responsible for the marketing and sales of the company's products; implement the company's sales plan to ensure that the annual sales target is completed; explore potential markets and customers and actively establish cooperative relationships with customers

     Responsible for the business communication, negotiation, cost estimation of the project plan, cooperating with the client prototype trial, acceptance and business process control of the R&D and production departments

     Maintain the company's contact with regional distributors and business follow-up

Job Requirements:

College degree or above, more than 2 years of sales work experience, good image quality

     Unlimited majors (technical background is particularly good), requires good psychological quality, ability to adapt to frequent business trips, and strong communication skills

     Experience in sales of large-scale mechanical equipment/consumer electronic standard/non-standard equipment is preferred.

     Those with experience in equipment sales in the display industry, mobile phone industry, and semiconductor industry are preferred.

     Proficient in using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., have C1 driver's license

8. Financial Administration Specialist

Description of job:  

Responsible for daily banking and cash business, including various income and expenditure, bill management, reimbursement, account maintenance, statement preparation, etc.;

     Responsible for formulating administrative rules and regulations, office supplies procurement, office facilities and environmental management, and other daily administrative tasks in the office;

     Assist in personnel work such as employee entry and resignation, attendance, company social security provident fund account opening and maintenance.

Job Requirements:

College degree or above, with financial experience or background;

     Familiar with commonly used office software, can use excel proficiently;

     Have certain English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

     Careful, patient, responsible, and have a very clear logical thinking ability;

     Have a good sense of service and confidentiality.